About Us

More than just business awards.

We envision a space where the spirit of entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses is captured, celebrated, and championed.

We are committed to embracing the incredible traits that define entrepreneurial rockstars – resilience, innovation, community impact, and unwavering dedication.

We will create a platform that inspires people to start a business and supports them throughout the stages of their journey.

The Small Business Mission & Vision

To passionately champion the remarkable traits and contributions of small and micro businesses, creating an environment where their enterprise is seen, celebrated, and supported.

To create an awards programme where small and micro enterprises feel they belong and are recognised, a fair and transparent judging process whereby businesses are judged based on criteria that embody that we believe a great small business to be.

To pioneer a space where every small and micro business or aspiring entrepreneur, regardless of age, gender, race, background, size, stage or industry, is empowered and inspired to dream big and achieve their goals and ambitions. A space where we champion those who wish to be innovative, and different or play along to a new tune. Because Small Businesses Rock!