Celebrating Small Businesses.

We envision a space where the spirit of entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses is captured, celebrated, and championed.

We are committed to embracing the incredible traits that define entrepreneurial rockstars – resilience, innovation, community impact, and unwavering dedication.

Celebrating Small Businesses.

We envision a space where the spirit of entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses is captured, celebrated, and championed.

We are committed to embracing the incredible traits that define entrepreneurial rockstars – resilience, innovation, community impact, and unwavering dedication.

Our Mission

To passionately champion the remarkable traits and contributions of small and micro businesses, creating an environment where their enterprise is seen, celebrated, and supported.


To create an awards programme where small and micro enterprises feel they belong and are recognised, a fair and transparent judging process whereby businesses are judged based on criteria that embody that we believe a great small business to be.


To pioneer a space where every small and micro business or aspiring entrepreneur, regardless of age, gender, race, background, size, stage or industry, is empowered and inspired to dream big and achieve their goals and ambitions. A space where we champion those who wish to be innovative, and different or play along to a new tune.

Because Small Businesses Rock!

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Small Business Finalists Celebrated

Our Awards Regions

Click below to view your local awards region and awards in your local county.

East Midlands

Counties include Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.


Our founding awards running again for the 8th successful year, covering businesses in the greater Peterborough area.

East Anglia

Counties include Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire.

West Midlands

Counties include Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

South East

Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Who We Support, Reward & Champion

We champion entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses.

Proud to be the only dedicated awards programme specifically for these types of businesses. You might be wondering what constitutes an entrepreneur, micro or small business so here is some information. Did you know SME's make up 99% of the UK's business population? Our awards are for any person or business who falls into the sectors listed below.


From sole traders to solopreneurs, championing those who are running a business or enterprise as a self-employed individual, freelancers or contractors.

Micro Businesses.

A micro business is a type of small business with some employees – typically 10 or less and turning over less than £2 million.

Small Businesses.

Small businesses have less than 50 employees and turnover less than £10 million.

Our Awards Process.

Please see your area for specific timescales and more information, but to give you a simplified version of how we work is as follows.


Recieve a nomination or enter your business.

You can receive a nomination for an award and you will be invited to enter, or you can nominate and enter your business right away. Entries cost £30 and this is the only fee you have to pay for our awards. You'll receive a promotional pack to use which includes badges to showcase to your customers on your website social media etc.


Shortlisting of applications & judging.

Once entries close applications will be shortlisted to our finalists in multiple categories. After this, the business will undergo independent judging from our esteemed panel as well as gathering votes via the public vote. You will be sent more promotional materials to boost your business's finalist position.


Awards winners announced.

Our winners are announced either at one of our live events or online. You do not have to attend the events to be in witch a chance of winning, but you will miss all the fun! It is a night of small business celebration and a good party to celebrate some incredible people. These are usually hosted regionally.

Our Past Winners

Some of our past winners of The Small Business Awards have obtained great press coverage as well as additional credibility and custom that winning an award can bring.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

2022 Peterborough Service Winners

Smash Marketing

2023/24 Norfolk Professional Services Small Business Highly Commended

Mabel & Fox

2023/24 Norfolk Overall Winners

Adorn & Co

2023/24 Norfolk New Small Business Winners

Frequently asked questions

Here to answer any of your questions, here are some of our ost common questions but if you still cannot find the information please contact us.

Entry fees are £30 per business.

The entry fee of £30 is a low barrier to entry and represents incredible value for money.


We charge an entry fee because:

We have associated costs, just like your business. From the marketing and admin costs to managing the Judging panel, the entrants and the voters, running the SBA takes a lot of time and effort. You can’t do what you do for free and neither can we.


The SBA gives you so much more in return for your entry fee than any other awards: Access to the SBA Nominated branding for use on Social Media etc. from the entry stage and beyond

Plus it is a great marketing opportunity – gain local and national PR, use our free social media templates and badges plus the accolade that being nominated comes with!


Make sure you are aware of our full entry process before entering. An entry does not automatically mean you are guaranteed a space as a finalist.

We welcome all entires from any entrepreneurs, small and micro business within the areas listed. To qualify as a small business you must:


– Have less than 50 employees

– Turnover less than £10 Million per annum.

-Not be part of a wider chain/franchise or umbrella company with employees or turnover more than listed above.


This criteria for a small business is taken and updated in line with the government directive from the UK government and can be found the GOV.UK website.


We reserve the right to make our own judgement on if a business qualifies for the awards process or not and checks may be carried out to ensure your business is compliant with the awards programme. We reserve the right to withdraw a business at any given time.

Yes they can! We feel it’s unfair to decide winners based on whether they attend or not and we base our winners on awards submissions which include videos and application forms which are then scored by a panel of judges along with the public vote.