The Suffolk Small Business Awards Public Vote
Open until the 1st of May 2024.

By voting you accept the terms and conditions listed below this form.

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Portrait of smiling business owner on background of own small coffee factory looking away

Votes will only be counted once, multiple votes for the same business will mean all votes for that business will be void. Voting opens on the 1st of March until the 1st of May 2024, votes submitted before or after this date will not be counted.

There is only one round of voting, and votes cannot be changed after pressing the submit button. You are only allowed to vote for each business once and you must provide a valid name or email address in order for your vote to be counted. There is no charge to vote and your details will not be stored.

If The Small Business Awards detects or suspects a breach of our terms then that business may be removed from the public voting process, this can include making false votes, asking members of the public to vote multiple times or using a 3rd party system or party who is not familiar with the business to vote.

All votes must be genuine customers, family, friends or followers of the business.

Finalists will earn points from votes which go towards their final score along with the judge’s scores. Winners will be announced 11th of May 2024.

If you are up for an award as an individual then you will collect votes under your business name – if you are up for multiple categories then you will collect votes under your business name for all categories.