Suffolk Finalists

Our Suffolk Small Business Finalists 2024.

Congratulations to all these incredible entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses. Our winners will be announced on the 11th of May 2024 at our live final hosted at Trinity Park.

Service Small Business Finalists

Highlighting businesses that excel in providing exceptional services, the Service Business category. From chimney sweeps to party planners and carpet fitters.

  • The Ipswich Dog Trainer
  • MC 121 Football Coaching LTD
  • Wood Worx Carpentry and Kitchens
  • Rough Diamond Tattoo
  • Bury Bowl
  • Leah Collins Dog Training
  • OS Suffolk
  • Ipswich Dance Company
  • The Pegasus Door Company Ltd
  • Whistle and Wag Dog Training
  • The Pug Snug
  • Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy

Hair & Beauty Small Business Finalists

Rewarding the businesses that keep us looking and feeling great. These businesses have an unwavering dedication to customers and the services they provide.

  • Eden Beauty House
  • Abi’s Beauty @ Redz
  • The Sage Clinic
  • Jessica’s Emporium
  • Last Night’s Nails
  • Heritage Beauty & Wellbeing
  • The Women’s Wellness Club
  • The Hair Room
  • The Collective
  • Ayesha the hairstylist
  • Blade
  • Lounge Nine
  • Tec-Nyqs Hair And Beauty

Food & Drink Small Business Finalists

Celebrating the culinary artisans and establishments that bring delectable flavours to the community. Whether it's a cosy café, a vibrant restaurant, or a creative food vendor or manufacturer.

  • The Barista’s Shed
  • Gelato and Sorbetto
  • Jess Cooks
  • Bar Rumba Events
  • Jaceys Coffee House
  • Vera G’s Cakes and Teas
  • Earsham Street Café
  • Primrose Cakes
  • Jaylows coffee
  • Alde Cafe

Family Run Small Business Finalists

This category is for family run or family founded small businesses.

  • The Barista’s Shed
  • Sizzlers cafe
  • Gelato and Sorbetto
  • East Point Laundry Services
  • Jaceys Coffee House
  • Flower Farm & Florists/PYO flower Farm
  • EO Escape Rooms
  • Ruffstuff Bodycare 
  • Antler Chew Wholesale 

AgnesCole Consulting
Suffolk Pig Roast

Professional Services Small Business Finalists

This category celebrates businesses that offer specialised and expert professional services and B2B services. From legal and financial services to consulting and advisory roles.

  • Coast Creatives
  • Complete Asset
  • Switch Direction
  • RSZ Accountancy
  • The Mortgage Capital
  • LSS Group Uk
  • Spi-des-ign Web & Graphic Solutions
  • Design for Online
  • UK Ducks In A Row
  • Salisbury Virtual Assistance

Retail Small Business Finalists

This category recognises outstanding retail businesses that offer exceptional products, and create memorable shopping experiences both in person, online or on the high street.

  • Token Of The Forest
  • Suffolk Ironworks
  • Broomvale Bridal Barns
  • The Salon Supply Guy
  • Gloryous Artisan Jewellery
  • Pablosaurus
  • Safecat UK
  • Kevin Hollings Kitchens 
  • Lynda’s Homemade & Homegrown
  • Mrs I Crafts
  • Cocoa Mama Chocolaterie

Young Entrepreneur Finalists

Recognising the energy and innovation of young business leaders, this category celebrates entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success at a young age (under 25)

  • Evie Docherty – UrBurn Wax
  • Lucy Sheppard – Tyde Creative Marketing 
  • Kristy Walsh – The Mortgage Capital
  • Ashley Tuckfield – Tucked Valets

New Small Business Finalists

Highlighting the spirit of entrepreneurship, this category honours recently established businesses. (started within the last 18 months)

  • Complete Asset
  • Gelato and Sorbetto
  • Wed Well Coaching
  • Tyde Creative Marketing 
  • Tate Hair and Beauty
  • JNK Transport Limited
  • LSS Group UK
  • OS Suffolk
  • Fields Farmshop & Cafe
  • Menopause Vitamin Company
  • Dolly Bird Kitchen

Business Owner Finalists

This category honours individuals who have shown exceptional management skills, strategic vision, and a commitment to the success of their business.

  • Kate Baines – Virtual Prestige
  • Gemma Parker – Earsham Street Café
  • Simon Cooper – Eezybike 
  • Noel Lees – Design for Online 
  • Harriet King – Coast Creatives
  • Leanne Milburn-Turner – The Ipswich Dog Trainer
  • Rachael Farthing – Bar Rumba Events
  • Gypsy Head – The Suffolk Circle
  • Maddy Glenn – Softwood Self-Publishing

Customer Care Award Finalists

This category celebrates businesses that prioritise exceptional customer care, and great processes that are setting the standard for customer service excellence.

  • The Women’s Wellness Club
  • Antenatal Academy
  • The 1:1 Diet with Rebecca
  • Denise Brady Photography
  • Ruby and the Angel
  • The Nerd Hut
  • Gloryous Artisan Jewellery
  • Nick Webb Civil Celebrant
  • Tucked Valets
  • Peak Fitness and Training
  • Forest Haven Suffolk
  • Little Beans

Business Hero Finalists

Nominees in this category have demonstrated a commitment to community development, social responsibility, and initiatives that strengthen the bonds for their customers and the community they serve.

  • Re-Utilise
  • The Suffolk Circle
  • Breakout Long Melford
  • Sunflower Shine
  • Little Beans
  • Forest Haven Suffolk
  • Switch Direction

Innovation Award Finalists

This category recognises businesses that push the boundaries of innovation, whether through groundbreaking products, cutting-edge services, or revolutionary business practices.

  • Carp Hunter Giveaways
  • Token Of The Forest
  • Vanilla Spice
  • From Grandma’s Stash
  • EO Escape Rooms
  • Menopause Vitamin Company
  • Softwood Self-Publishing

Overall Small Business

The winner of this award is the highest-scoring business across all categories. All finalists listed above are entered to win this award.